• Grey Potty Training Pants
  • Royal Blue Potty Training Pants
  • Purple Potty Training Pants
  • Pink Potty Training Pants
  • Brown Potty Training Pants
  • Turquoise Potty Training Pants

Potty Training Pants

N$ 195


From Mother Nature Products, these potty training pants are useful in helping the little ones to learn bladder control (by experiencing the sensation of feeling wet). They are not as absorbent as a nappy but they help to prevent little accidents. This is especially useful during play school hours or when out and about.

They look like ordinary underwear but have an absorbent saddle made from bamboo toweling and also have a breathable waterproof layer between 2 layers of soft cotton fabric. These pants help to bridge the gap from nappies to pants.


Medium (7 – 11kgs), Large (11kgs +)


Aqua, Torquoise, Brown, Grey, Pink, Purple, White, Blue, Lime Stripes, Mini Mouse


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