• Pura Stainless Steel Bottle Teats and Covers

Pura Bottle Teats And Covers

N$ 105


There are various amazing accessories / silicone components to go with your Pura Stainless Steel Bottles. These are:

Teats / Nipples:
Four flow rates — slow, medium, fast, and Y-cut
One, two or three holes as well as a Y-cut version instead of varying the size of the suction hole
Elongated vent helps reduce spit-ups and colic
100% plastic free infant nipple crafted from medical grade silicone
Each pack contains two Natural Vent Nipples of the same flow rate

Sipper Spouts:
100% plastic-free toddler spout crafted from medical grade silicone
Firmer silicone allows for free flow of liquids and natural formation of teeth and gums
Each pack contains two Sipper Spouts

Silicone Sealing Discs:
Each pack consists of 3 disks and includes three colours to allow for colour coding
100% plastic-free bottle sealing disk crafted from medical grade silicone

Silicone Travel Covers:
Covers & protects the nipple of the spout while on the go
Secure fit prevents leaking
As with all Pura products, the travel cover is 100% plastic-free

Silicone Straw:
Baby Grows…Bottle Evolves™: Extends the usable life of Pura bottles to older kids. Compatible with all Pura bottles
Crafted from safe, anti-bacterial medical grade silicone
Contains a removable silicone straw that extends into the bottle
Allows bottle to be used upright or tipped back
Again, 100% plastic-free!

Accessories / Components

Teats / Nipples (Slow) – 2 in a pack, Teats / Nipples (Medium) – 2 in a pack, Teats / Nipples (Fast) – 2 in a pack, Teats / Nipples (Y-cut) – 2 in a pack, Sipper Spouts – 2 in a pack, Silicone Sealing Discs – 3 in a pack, Silicone Travel Covers – 2 in a pack, Silicone Straw


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