• Red Stripe Swim Cozzie Nappy
  • Navy Stripe Swim Cozzie Nappy
  • Blue Swim Cozzie Nappy 3
  • Greens Swim Cozzie Nappy
  • Purple Cammo Swim Cozzie
  • Green Cammo Swim Cozzie
  • Turquoise Swim Cozzie Nappy
  • Bright Pink Swim Cozzie

Swim Cozzie Nappy

N$ 200


Mother Nature Product’s adorable swim cozzie is the ideal baby swimwear for the beach or swimming lessons to contain the ‘nasties’ and prevent contamination of public swimming places.

The design includes a light absorbing poly-cotton inner, a breathable waterproof mid-layer and a soft swimming fabric outer. It is adjustable in the waist and opens out like a nappy making changing easier. One can machine wash these swim cozzie nappies and re-use to save money. Reduce the amount of chemicals exposed to your baby by abandoning disposable swim cozzie nappies.

Swim Cozzie Size

Medium (7-11kg), Large (+11kg)

Swim Cozzie Colour

Red Stripe, Navy Stripe, Blue, Lavender, Fairy Garden, Purple Daisies, Greens, Green Check, Orange Check, Purple Cammo, Green Cammo, Turquoise, Bright Pink, Mermaid, Pirates


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